Order Process Improvement Kit

The LTS Process Improvement Kit is an easily transportable kit that houses all the supplies required to facilitate any type of process improvement meeting.

The kit is fully 5S'd and is itself a Lean training tool. The kit contains items to complete process mapping, affinity diagrams, improvement activities, quality board postings as well as documents to help facilitate any meeting.

Improvement Facilitator's in particular or anyone leading a Lean session will benefit from use of this Process Improvement Kit designed specifically for this purpose.

The item includes a wheeled travel case with a sticky note container and three colours of sticky notes (24 total), two process mapping templates, two white boards and flip chart markers, 12 sharpies, facilitation manual, 5S game template, two rolls of paper for process mapping, a case of supplies for Lean ‘games' and a case of supplies for fastening and facilitating in any meeting room.

Cost per kit is $795 (suggest one per team)

You can also purchase the LTS Process Improvement Kit by sending a cheque to the address below or phoning us with your credit card. If you send a cheque by mail please included your return address so we send the Process Improvement Kit to you.

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